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Lake Elsinore Extreme Living

Extreme is Lake Elsinore’s middle name! Our unique City is famous for the warm thermal winds that blow in from the neighboring Ortega Mountains. Those winds have turned Lake Elsinore into a major center for skydiving, hang-gliding and other aerial sports. Located in the center of our City is a 3,000 acre natural lake, hence the name Lake Elsinore. Our Lake is a popular venue for daring (or not-so-daring) boaters, jet skiers, and water ski fans as we boast an unlimited speed limit (in the center of the Lake).

Skydiving, hang-gliding, baseball, golf, off-road racing, motocross, fishing, boating, jet skiing, water skiing, paintball, skateboarding. . . You name it, Lake Elsinore has it!

**courtesy of Lake Elsinore Visitor Center